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ETS Scientific Research - Region ER DGR N.20791 of 28/10/2022. It was born from the initiative of a group of engineers and professionals from the Bolognese industry. It mainly operates in research and technological innovation for electronic engineering. The skills acquired in motion control, sensors, miniaturized GPS localization systems, radiofrequency and IoT, power electronics, were the basis for the implementation of the EXADRONE UAS project in partnership with ENEA Research Center Brasimone.

  • iconElectronic Research & Development
  • iconDrones and Sensors
  • iconAutomation and Control Laboratory
  • iconR.E. ENEA ENAC.UAS-RE.085
    Centro Ricerche Brasimone ENEA
    40032 Camugnano (BO)
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    +39 0534 801145
    +39 349 7519114

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